The energy sector is one of the most promising in terms of employment. A first good reason to go! Here are some more…


A sector in full transformation
In recent years, the energy sector has undergone unprecedented change. If gas, oil and especially nuclear remain privileged branches, renewable energies are the future of energy. The energy transition is underway and seems inevitable! With, in the end, beautiful promises of employment. According to the latest figures from CIRED-CNRS, 632,000 jobs would be created as a result of this transition by 2030, up to 825,000 by 2050, including indirect jobs. With 60,000 people hired by 2020, wind energy is the most promising sector. Companies are particularly in need of engineering project managers to coordinate the different teams present on a mission.

Various profiles
Whether you are a young graduate or a senior, you have your chance in energy! Companies in the nuclear and petroleum sectors are looking for experts, engineers highly specialized in dismantling, command control, etc. Young graduates will find it easier to find jobs in large companies. According to the “List of companies that recruit” recently published by Le Figaro, EDF plans to hire 3,000 young graduates in 2015, GDF Suez 200. In addition, some skills are difficult to find: in electrical engineering, system design or automation. Young graduates have every opportunity! As a young graduate, think also of the design offices, interested in technical skills and innovation capacity.

A sector that makes sense
At a time of second hand, resource saving, reforestation and ecological concern, the energy sector is more challenged than ever. Many expectations are expressed by the population and companies must adapt to best meet these demands.

A privileged sector
Bonuses, incentives, thirteenth month, paid leave, social protection, the benefits granted to employees in the energy sector are among the most interesting. Another advantage: a particularly well cared-for professional support. Indeed, as the sector is understaffed, employees are “pampered”. The program includes regular training and development opportunities, especially in large companies. Moreover, the latest survey by the Conférence des Grandes écoles even shows that energy is the most profitable sector for young engineers.
On average, according to the Apec, the median salary in the energy-water sector is 40,000 euros. A senior manager can reach the end of his or her career at 150,000 euros. Something to make your mouth water…